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A Different Perspective on Tourists

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

DC is especially beautiful this time of year. The city and its famous cherry blossoms are in bloom, and it’s breathtaking. And as sure as night and day, the change of seasons inevitably comes with tourists.

People from all over the world come to DC to experience the cherry blossoms and tour the monuments. Most people hate tourists. Not only are they outsiders in an insider city, they are everywhere, blocking sidewalks and stopping traffic. I used to be bothered by them because they would make my day-to-day life harder. I, too, wanted to experience the best of my city and felt I had a greater right to it than others because I live, work, and play here.

But my mindset changed this weekend. Tourists are great. They are great because they are a reminder I get to live in a city people actually want to vacation in. And that’s pretty cool. I’m fortunate enough to live in a place full of beauty and history and power, and others come from all over just to see what I see every day.


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