Funny, Easy 2018 Halloween Costume Ideas

The Ultimate 2018 Halloween Costume Guide

I know that it’s only September but Halloween is approaching FAST. Because Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays and I low key love coming up with and curating funny/creative ideas, I’ve created this Ultimate 2018 Halloween Costume Guide to help you decide what should dress up as. These ideas range from low cost, low effort to intermediate cost/effort and are mainly focused on current events.

Before we dive in, I’m predicting we’re going to see a LOT of Black Panther and Trump/Russia costumes this year, as well as the usual spill over from last year’s most popular costumes (I see you, Eleven with the Eggos and Harley Quinn). No hate for anyone dressing up in these whatsoever BTW, just know you’ll probably have a few look-a-likes.

Political Costumes Ideas 

Pop Culture/In The News Costumes

  • Handmaid’s Tale: I recommend going with a costume set like this one and stay far, far away from any costume that tries to make this sexy. Trust me on this one.
  • Walmart Yodelling Kid: In addition to the best yodel skills this side of the Mississippi, you’ll need jeans, a white collar button down, cowboy boots, and a red bow tie.
  • Grocery Store Joe: Bachelor in Paradise aficionados, this one’s for you! Wear a shirt that says Joe (sharpie it on or utilize one of these handy “hello my name is” stickers) and carry a bag of groceries. – Submitted by Jack Small 

Punny Costumes (Not 2018-Specific)

  • Devil Wears Prada: Throw on some devil horns and a Prada shirt and you’re done!
  • Social Butterfly: For this outfit, you can wear whatever you want as a base. Print some large social media icons (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and paste, pin, or tape them onto your outfit and add butterfly wings. (These butterfly wings could also be an interesting choice)
  • Nickelback: Glue a bunch of nickels to the back of your shirt (or dress) and call it a day! Note: people will invariably try to take the nickels off you throughout the night, so just know that’s going to happen.
  • Formal Apology: Dress up in your favorite cocktail attire and wear a sign that says “I’m Sorry”
  • Shark Week: You’ll need to convince six friends to dress up in shark costumes with you, but after that it’s smooth sailing. Add a day of the week to each shark costume and you’re set (I recommend using signs or sashes).

Costume Ideas You Shouldn’t Do

  • Culture-As-Costume: It’s a hot topic right now and you’re better off steering clear of native or traditional outfits from other cultures (i.e think anything with a kimono or Native America outfits).
  • Thai Soccer Team: There’s a chance you’ll see someone in a soccer uniform and a scuba mask this year, but word to the wise it’s too soon and probably always will be. Stay away.
  • Anything With An Umbrella: There’s no loaded political reason for this – I just think umbrellas are clunky and an annoying thing to have to carry around all night. Do yourself a favor and don’t be a jelly fish, the Morton salt girl, or a cheeky play on “It’s raining men.”

I hope this guide helped you decide what to be for Halloween. Do you have any great costume ideas that should be included on this list? Let me know in the comments!

My Secret to Giving Really Cool Gifts

A few months ago my friend Blake created IGiveCoolGifts, and it’s been voted the best gift guide on Internet.* I love this site because I genuinely think a fun or thoughtful (bonus points for both!) gift goes a long way.

If this is your first time hearing about IGiveCoolGifts, I suggest you sit down, buckle up, and get ready to fall into a black hole exploring the site. Do you like Netflix? Check out the binge watcher section. Do you eat food? You’re gonna want to explore the foodie section then. Do you have a mom? Mother’s day is coming up (May 13th!) and – don’t worry – there’s a gift guide for that.

I love this site because it’s so easy. Blake’s already curated some of the coolest items the web has to offer to give as a present. Or, maybe just buy for yourself – I won’t tell. 🙂

Here are some of the items that caught my eye:

My Favorite Finds

Wine Stopper With Date Marker | Travel Mug Iced Coffee Maker | Geometric Desktop Planter Vase | Matching Human/Dog Hawaiian Shirts | The Chambong | Anywhere Travel Guide

Just For Fun

Wine Bottle Flasks & Cups | Dog Selfie Stick | Drinko Drinking Game | Sushi Making Kit | Sriracha2Go Keychain Bottle Pack |Hipster Reagan Print 

Notable Mentions:

Adidas Yoga Mat by Stella McCartney | Good Vibes Earrings | Guzzle BuddyFloral Hanging Cosmetic Bag | Donut Popsocket | Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

Shop all my favorites here


*electorate consisting of me and everyone I know.

The Dress & Jacket I Just Can’t Get Enough Of


I’m back from my weekender on the Eastern Shore with Dex feeling refreshed and ready to carpe the diem (seize the carpe). On Saturday night, Dex and I went to the Stars Restaurant at the Inn at Perry Cabin for dinner, which is located in St. Michael’s. For those of you that may not be from DC or Maryland, the Inn at Perry Cabin is stunning and a good portion of the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed there. (Think: “The painting was a gift, Todd.”)

To dinner, I wore a this LIKELY dress that I’m low-key obsessed with. The cut and shape are making it my new favorite desk-to-drinks option. (Here, we see it shining in the “drinks” department.) The dress color is perfect for spring. It’s technically called “Twilight Mist,” but I’m calling it lilac because that’s extra, even for me. I got the dress from Bloomingdales for $168, but because I love it so much I just ordered it again in a “English Manor.” I got smart this time though and snagged it on sale at Neiman Marcus for only $100. Bloomies has way more color/size options, but NM is obviously cheaper – so whichever works for you! For reference, I’m wearing a size 4. I sized up after reading the reviews and am so happy I did! It definitely runs small.

To stay warm, I also have on this oversized duster coat from Missguided. I’m wearing the nude color, but, again, I fell in love and stocked up on a variety colors. The fit is just too good. Plus, each duster is only $34 (!) and Missguided frequently runs large discounts. As I write this, everything on the site is 50% off with the code: gobabe.

Outfit Recap:


The weird way I organize my closet & why it works

My Closet Organization (1)

I’ve always struggled with finding the right system to organize my closet. Sorting by category, occasion, color, you name it – I’ve probably tried it. And what I found was, despite the pros, none of these approaches matched up with how I got dressed.

Almost inevitably, trying to find something to wear meant clothes all over the floor, while I went through various options.

Frustrated by this, I started thinking about what wasn’t working and why:

  • Sorting by category (e.g. dresses, sweaters, tops) led to cocktail dresses organized with work dresses organized with casual day dresses; short sleeved sweaters organized with long sleeved sweaters; long sleeved shirts organized with blouses organized with tank tops.
  • Sorting by occasion was messy because there was too much crossover – where is the line between a cocktail dress and a work dress? Yes there is a definitely a difference, but where the gravel met the road too many pieces fell in between. And the same was true for tops and pants. While some items are clearly one occasion and one occasion only, the majority of my clothes are versatile enough that they could be worn for many occasions.
  • Sorting by color was visually very satisfying, but ultimately gave me a false sense of order. I liked it because there is something nice about seeing everything in my closest grouped by color and it was relatively easy to “restock” my closet after laundry day, but I found that the color of my clothing is never that important to me when I am deciding what to wear.

So I decided to organize my closet by my arms.

I know it sounds weird, but I found sleeve length is a major factor for me when I approach getting dressed. Long sleeve? Short sleeve? Strapless? Do I want to show my arms? Hide them? These are the real questions going through my mind when I’m deciding what to wear – not what color my dress is. If it is a very cold day, long sleeve it is. If it is a very hot day, I usually like to wear off-the-shoulder, spaghetti string or sleeveless. If it’s a work day, usually short sleeve or long sleeve.

This is how it works in action:

  • All items that relate to my arms (dresses, rompers, jumpers, tops, jackets, and cover ups) are hanging
  • I have these items organized into have two major buckets: “full outfits” and “half outfits.”
    • “Full outfits” are dresses, jumpers, and rompers – basically whatever is a one and done deal when getting dressed
    • Half outfits are tops, jackets, and cover-ups or anything that needs one or more items to make a full outfit
  • All “full outfits” are grouped together and all “half outfits” are grouped together. My closet is a small walk-in, so I have full outfits hanging on the left, half outfits on the right.
  • Then, I group by sleeve style: strapless, spaghetti string/halter, sleeveless (thick, non-spaghetti), short sleeve, off-the-shoulder short, off-the-shoulder long, long sleeve.
  • Length of the item does not matter. Meaning, there is no difference between a fancy spaghetti string maxi dress and a casual spaghetti string romper, for example. Similarly, there is no difference between a short sleeve crop top and a short sleeve tunic.
  • Finally, I organize these by color: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, and black.
  • Folded, I have my bottoms (pants, shorts, and skirts) on the shelf above my “half outfits.”

Organizing my closet by how I approached getting dressed has exceeded my expectations. While there are some issues, so far it has worked out the best out of all the methods I’ve tried.

How do you organize your closet? Is there a method that works for you?