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The Dress & Jacket I Just Can’t Get Enough Of


I’m back from my weekender on the Eastern Shore with Dex feeling refreshed and ready to carpe the diem (seize the carpe). On Saturday night, Dex and I went to the Stars Restaurant at the Inn at Perry Cabin for dinner, which is located in St. Michael’s. For those of you that may not be from DC or Maryland, the Inn at Perry Cabin is stunning and a good portion of the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed there. (Think: “The painting was a gift, Todd.”)

To dinner, I wore a this LIKELY dress that I’m low-key obsessed with. The cut and shape are making it my new favorite desk-to-drinks option. (Here, we see it shining in the “drinks” department.) The dress color is perfect for spring. It’s technically called “Twilight Mist,” but I’m calling it lilac because that’s extra, even for me. I got the dress from Bloomingdales for $168, but because I love it so much I just ordered it again in a “English Manor.” I got smart this time though and snagged it on sale at Neiman Marcus for only $100. Bloomies has way more color/size options, but NM is obviously cheaper – so whichever works for you! For reference, I’m wearing a size 4. I sized up after reading the reviews and am so happy I did! It definitely runs small.

To stay warm, I also have on this oversized duster coat from Missguided. I’m wearing the nude color, but, again, I fell in love and stocked up on a variety colors. The fit is just too good. Plus, each duster is only $34 (!) and Missguided frequently runs large discounts. As I write this, everything on the site is 50% off with the code: gobabe.

Outfit Recap:



Awaiting Peak Bloom

Peak cherry blossom bloom is a big deal in DC, at least for me anyway. For a few brilliant weeks, the city I know and love transforms into a real life Instagram – no filter needed!

Cherry blossoms are very temperamental by nature, so peak bloom (aka the point where the blossoms are at their pinnacle of picturesque-ness) is dependent on slight changes in weather – something I track almost religiously. And this year, peak bloom has been pushed back several times from mid-March to its current prediction, this weekend. Good things come to those who wait, right?

I’m not exactly an early bird, but I really hope to dig deep and get up early before work to shoot some blossom pictures this week. Two, possibly three, years ago I took this photo on my iPhone (below). I’m still quite proud of it and it remains one of my favorite shots to date. I’m not sure if I can get a better one this year, but boy I am going to try.


Outfit details:

Have you been to DC to witness the cherry blossoms? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below!

Also, good news – I saw a dog today.

The CUTEST Swimsuits For Under $50

Finally the weather is starting to warm up (hallelujah!) and I can’t help but think about summertime and the ocean. Increasingly, I’m finding myself wandering over to the swimsuit section. Every year, almost without fail, I have the same reaction:

$250 for a bathing suit? You have got to be kidding me!

Are they getting more expensive over the years or do I just suffer from some sort of seasonal pricing amnesia? Don’t get me wrong, I will splurge every now and then, but I can’t help but ask myself: “Why I am paying the same price as a dress for less fabric?” In terms of cost per square inch of coverage, the ratio of a bathing suit is outrageous. (Side note – can we talk about how it’s a straight up crime that most of the time we have to pay for the top AND bottom of a bikini set? Someone needs to be held accountable for this.)

So I decided to search the internet for cutest, most affordable swimsuits for under $50. Here’s what I found:


One-Piece Swimsuits

If you have any suggestions or additions to this list, please let me know if the comments below!


The best spring work dress… ever


How cute is this dress? I refer to this as my flight attendant dress because I feel like a PAN AM air stewardess when I wear it.

What I love about this piece most is how versatile it is. I feel like I can throw this on any time of year. The bright blue color and flair sleeves make it fun, feminine, and perfect for warm weather, while the mock neck, dress length, and white trim around the collar and sleeves give it a conservative, tailored look.

The dress is by Alexia Admor and retails at $245, but don’t worry! It’s available to rent on Rent the Runway for a fraction of the price. For reference, I’m wearing a size XS.


Transition to Spring With Bright Sweaters

Pastel Fashion Photo Grid Mood Board Photo Collage

For some reason, every year when I think March, I think SPRING. And every year mother nature hears me and says “Nah fam, SNOW.”

While it’s hard for me to reconcile the spring excitement with freezing cold temperatures, one way that seems to be working is bright, colorful sweaters. I just love how fun and, v importantly, warm they are. They are perfect way to transition into spring with color, but not freeze along the way. We all need a few sweaters that will help us forget it’s 30 degrees, right?

I’ve picked out a couple that I’m loving right now from revolve. The best part? All of them are less than a $100 because ain’t nobody got time to buy expensive sweaters alongside spring pre-sale rompers.

525 america | $98
Endless Rose | $65
Lovers + Friends | $66 – on sale
Free People | $65 – on sale
525 america | $88
Tularosa | $82 – on sale
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A Different Perspective on Tourists

FullSizeRender (18)

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

DC is especially beautiful this time of year. The city and its famous cherry blossoms are in bloom, and it’s breathtaking. And as sure as night and day, the change of seasons inevitably comes with tourists.

People from all over the world come to DC to experience the cherry blossoms and tour the monuments. Most people hate tourists. Not only are they outsiders in an insider city, they are everywhere, blocking sidewalks and stopping traffic. I used to be bothered by them because they would make my day-to-day life harder. I, too, wanted to experience the best of my city and felt I had a greater right to it than others because I live, work, and play here.

But my mindset changed this weekend. Tourists are great. They are great because they are a reminder I get to live in a city people actually want to vacation in. And that’s pretty cool. I’m fortunate enough to live in a place full of beauty and history and power, and others come from all over just to see what I see every day.


Best Moments of Spring 2015


This sunset in paradise during Easter break:

This breathtaking walk to The Point:1385753_10155359586890363_5279414980777031197_n

This moment with these lovely ladies:

This gal’s birthday that even crutches couldn’t stop:

This cotton candy sky over good beer and great company on my company’s rooftop: FullSizeRender (17)

These unreal beignets at the world famous Cafe du Monde:11202839_10155477467180363_5158844299027154739_o

This long overdue brother-sister picture from my visit to New Orleans:

This R&R session post Virginia wine tour for a friend’s 26th:

This best dressed award at the Virginia Cup Gold Cup: IMG_4769

This shameless NYC tourist photo from one of my trips:
FullSizeRender (14)

This view driving home on the prettiest street in Baltimore (totally unbiased opinion):FullSizeRender (10)

This stove from our (finally!) newly renovated kitchen:
FullSizeRender (15)

This view from my first ever National’s game:11169520_10155477467605363_6348030108714784477_o


And the least favorite moment of Spring 2015? Probably fracturing my hip.